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About Wendy

 Life Coach and Holistic Therapist.

Wendy Wyatt  NLP Master, LC cert, LC Dip, TBP cert Trainer, FFHT, MAC.

NLP Master, Certified Life Coach,  Life Coaching Diploma, TBP Trainers certificate of The Balance Procedure, Fellow of The federation of Holistic Therapists, Member of The Association for Coaches. 


‘Be Your Best’

As a Beauty Therapist  I learned that for you to shine you need to address both the outside and the inside! I could do a make-over and make someone look amazing but if they didn’t feel amazing then it was not a good job!

‘Take time for your Life’

And so in 2004 I went into Life Coaching so I could address they way people feel about themselves!

‘Do the inside work to raise your self esteem and motivation’

I needed to learn how to shift peoples thinking to raise their self-esteem give them the confidence they deserve so they can have the complete the look with the feel good factor!

‘When you change the way you look at something, something changes’

My greatest pleasure is when they get an aha moment, when the penny drops and they see things differently! I help people to look at their mindset and reorganise their internal life with often small adjustments to the way they look at things, but even this often frees up worry so they feel instantly more confident and frees up energy and enables them to make time for the things they really want to do.

‘Make Life easier for yourself, get a plan and find your motivation’

To be effective you need to create good-habits, good procedures and be motivated to stick to them. It’s not just about being good at something it’s also about having  plan that moves you towards your goal that creates success. Life coaching work is not only about change in their lives whilst they work with me but also the tools to keep going in their future. The desire and motivation to create change with ease.

‘Make time for your life’…. Make time for ‘the life you want’

There are so many facets to the modern woman’s life.  We are expected to look great, be healthy, be fit, have a great home, raise our children, earn money, be a the perfect wife, and still feel good emotionally.

I have seen women stretching themselves so thinly that they lose sight of their ‘self’ and who they are. Then when they come to Life Coaching they finally put themselves back in the map of their life and they find themselves again.

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