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Hello and welcome

You made it through to the booking platform. Well done you! Now to decide on what experience and what results you want.

Life Coaching is about feeling good on the inside is equally important as looking good on the outside and now it’s your turn. Let me help you do the same. Take time for your life where we can look at your life together and create the life you want.

You can choose one of three Inspire packages to time on your life plan

Inspire Life Coaching Session…

A one-hour session where we will asses where you are and what you want to have happen in your life.

…£80 per session done together or on the phone

Inspire Consultation and Lifestyle Questionnaire…

You’ll be sent a lifestyle questionnaire to fill out prior to your consultation and then have a two hours of coaching at you convenience to work on your area of concern

Normally £160 …for only…. £120 introduction price

Inspire half-day session…

A 4-hour one to one session. Which will include your lifestyle questions done together and a follow up call 6 weeks later to assess and create a personalized life plan for you.

Normally £320 for… an investment of £280

Contact me now and get started!

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