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Introduction to Life Coaching

Coaching is not about being given the answers it is about using the skills of your coach to find them. Tell me more about Life Coaching…

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One to One Coaching – How Do Life-Coaching Sessions Work?

You can do an ‘INSPIRE’ Day  or have a 60 minutes session. These take place either over the telephone, FaceTime or face to face.  And as part of your first coaching session, we will clarify what you want to achieve from your coaching and the best time and plan for your coaching session or sessions.

To create real change from your session they need to be done with commitment either weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly. It is good initially to book a course of 6 or an ‘INSPIRE’ Day to promote change, however if you have a particular issue or have used a coach before you may prefer to book them individually.

With her coaching Wendy gives you incredible, confidential and structured support to develop your inner strength so that you can create and live your best life now.


These are designed on individual needs, previous include:

  • Create your life- A six week course to focus on your goals and personal growth
  • Relaxation – Get rid of negative thinking and create the life you want
  • Balance your life – a 2 hour workshop where you learn the skills to bring your life back into balance

‘Winning Women’

Wendy Wyatt of Inspire Your Life Coaching Presented
‘Your Most Confident Year’
at Hampshire Winning Women

Winning Women Network group meet every fourth Thursday of every month
at the Lysees House House
Connect with ‘Winning Women’ just like you!

If you would like to know more about Winning Women or have a mini workshop at your
network group please contact Wendy.



Designed for you to do at your own pace either as a useful tool to help expand your own home self-coaching or prior to any workshop or one to one coaching …More info coming soon!

Let’s talk

Because you need to feel comfortable with your coach before you commit to a series of coaching sessions I offer a free consultation session where we can have a chat. We can discuss any questions you might have, coaching packages or how many sessions you might need. Get in touch now.

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