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Success Stories

 Areas I have worked with clients on to create positive change in their lives –

  • Work-life balance
  • Improving Family life
  • Business skills; managing by motivating and organising
  • Preparation for an interview
  • Balancing finances, personal, household and business
  • Personal success; confidence, weight loss, fitness

Whatever area you start with affects improvements throughout your life

Read these Success Stories and Letters of Thanks. Remember everyone is unique and an individual and each coaching session is about their ‘specific and sometimes changing’ needs, as your time will be about you and your specific needs.

Success Stories from clients

“I can’t believe how far I have come in such a short time. This was definitely one of the best Christmases ever and ‘I did it!’ Life is a journey and I have been shown you can make changes to make it smoother and more fulfilling. I feel the journey is like a road. I am spending more time on it and not spending as much time bumping into the kerb and other obstacles. I felt very comfortable and it was private and confidential.

Wendy asked me to put together and email my ‘action plan’ after each session and then to email a ‘focus form’ for before the next session. I did get in the habit of writing it in my file’ fax, and I found this very motivating. It meant I not only had a record of what I said I would do but I also had a record of what I had achieved.
Wendy asked some amazing questions and was a great listener, which helped me to sort out exactly what I was trying to do. I was able to get off my butt and start getting my life more organised. This was what had such a huge impact on Christmas, I had what I needed for the season with no panic and it was a wonderful time. I have been able to spend more time doing the things I want to do and actually enjoy the things I have to do.

My goal and sessions haven’t finished yet, with my newfound confidence I applied for a new job and got it…hooray!
Wendy has agreed to see me again so I can spend time addressing my thoughts and situation from the new job and benefit from the time and space that coaching allows. I have known Wendy for many years and I know this is the kind of stuff she does naturally and always has. However I found that by actually entering into the formality of a coaching session gave me more time for me without guilt because that was the purpose ‘my stuff’. Wendy has such a professional attitude in her approach to her work and coaching and this made me feel both confident and supported.”

WS – finance clerk

“Wendy is a great listener and enabled me to become much clearer on what exactly I want to achieve and how to go about it. She also asked some penetrating and thought provoking questions which made me think differently about some of the problems I was having. She helped to keep me focused on my goal of getting my finances under control and enabled me to break this goal down into smaller components in my action plans so it has become less daunting and easier to approach. She also taught me the necessity of making detailed action plans to keep on track in achieving the steps towards my goal.

Wendy ensured that I was motivated and clear on what I wanted and how I was going to get it. I also became clearer on what my values concerning this goal were, what really mattered to me and what was somewhat irrelevant.
My goal is ongoing and has many aspects. Coaching with Wendy is helping me to focus on the aspects as they come to the fore and keep moving forward towards achieving my goal. I consider Wendy’s life coaching to be extremely effective. She has really helped me and been able to motivate me in what, up to now, has been an area of my life that I have had quite a lot of difficulty with.”

Update email: “Hi Wendy
Just wanted to let you know how much our last session has been helping me. The idea of doing just half an hour on my book each day was genius. It’s working really well!
Warm wishes.”
FS – spiritual healer and life coach

“I feel the life coaching has made me feel more positive and confident in my every day life. The life coaching has also helped me to deal with day-to-day situations in a different and more positive point of view.

All our sessions were conducted on the phone. We would discuss actions for the week and then I was to complete an action plan after speaking to Wendy. Following that, a day before we were due for our next session I would then complete a focus session sheet. This was to comment on actions completed and not accomplished and issues to be discussed on our next session. The next day we would have our one to one telephone conversation to discuss any new developments, actions accomplished and new actions for the following session.

Some of the techniques being used had me thinking more positively (whose stuff is it!) opening up a little more to friends and family, sorting out my values and using body language techniques to feel more comfortable.

Wendy has always been a fantastic listener and would ask relevant questions to what was being discussed. I also found that at times I hadn’t completed something on time but rather than Wendy left me feeling bad about it she did make me feel there was something to learn from it instead and this in turn made me feel more positive about myself.

I understand that a goal is something to aim for and achieve by breaking the goal down into chunks, so that it looks easier to achieve, if you aim to achieve by completing each chunk per week rather than just look at the goal as a whole.

My goal to begin with was a new career and then at New Year my goal changed to motivation.
What motivates me towards my goal is feeling better about myself and in turn feeling life is great. I am still having fun on the way too! I am looking to achieve my goal by September.

Wendy has helped me move towards my goal and let me answer what I need to do for myself. Also action planning what I needed to do for the week helped as did the focus sheet because I was always surprised at exactly how much was achieved.”
CL – bank clerk, one parent family

“I had a one off coaching session with Wendy. It was a good 2 hours based on ‘interview techniques review’ in order to prepare me for my first interview when I left University. Well it was fantastic, Wendy helped me to see my strengths and feel confident in my approach. I felt ready for the interview and was especially pleased when I landed the job of my dreams.”
NT – Graduate Mathematician and Engineer

“Wendy has a very natural approach with listening, questioning and summarising. The sessions made me realise what my values are and this has made it easier to work with them towards my goal. My current goal is to write a review of myself for work. Wendy’s life coaching has made me much more comfortable to talk about me and has been instrumental in changing my view of myself. Although I have set goals I want to achieve, life coaching has also impacted other areas of my life. Wendy has been fundamental in helping me change my life through her coaching and I know she will help me to even greater success in the future.”
RF – P.A. and Administrator

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