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What is Coaching?

Life coaching is a process that helps you to focus on what you want to change and to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life coaching is for people who want change and for any area of your life where there is a change that you want.

When You…

  • find yourself procrastinating!
  • Want to work more efficiently?
  • Are overwhelmed!
  • Want to reduce stress levels?
  • Want support a plan of action, accountability?
  • Want to be more focused or organised?
  • Want support for change or with a project?

Ultimately you are the expert in your life and your coach is there to help you!

A coach will use questioning, skills and techniques to help you overcome limiting beliefs and and blocks that stand in your way and find your own answers.

How Does Each Session Work?

Each session works in a structured way to address your life goals by

  1. Begins by establishing exactly what you want
  2. Looks at your current situation
  3. Explores what options and actions are available
  4. Enables you to make a realistic plan
  5. Keeps you motivated to take the steps needed to get to your goal
  6. Each session finishes with an agreed and realistic plan of action

Coaching is effective because it’s your plan of action; you explore your options and then you decide on the best course of action and action makes results.

How Will I Benefit?

This is your opportunity to spend time on ‘your’ life with the support of a skilled coach and can be used for many different reasons including; managing a project, building self-esteem, building confidence, improving family or personal relationships and re-organising your life.

You will benefit most by trusting the process of the coaching session. It may that you don’t know what you want except change. This is a good place to start, it is in the skill of the coaching techniques and not necessarily in the subject. It is the coach’s ability to ask questions that will open your awareness and so you can see the key to your own success.

Coaching will require an investment of your time, commitment and focus. However it is always at your pace and always about you and your agenda!

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